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Don't Lose Customers - Gain Understanding!

Focus - Customer Retention

It is a very widely held truism of business that it costs significantly more to acquire new clients, patients, or customers than to "invest" in retaining them.   In spite of this fact, most businesses are passionately focused on driving new revenue and building resources to accomplish that goal.  Customer retention is the focus of our advisory practice.   It is at the heart of any truly successful business.   In the mid-market category, where managing cash is especially critical, dedication to ensuring the strength of the ongoing relationships that your entity has with your legacy clients, patients, and/or customers will likely dictates the longevity of your venture.   The chart on the left clearly depicts the components that fuel successful retention.   My goal is to see the unique aspects of every entity I work with and evaluate those distinct elements through the functional perspectives reflected here.   It is extremely important to perform a "deep dive" into your operation that goes well beyond the metrics highlighted in many CSM, ( Customer Success Management), platforms and related dashboards.   These examinations are not "one size fits all" oriented which is why I always seek to have a free consultative discussion before any proposal and/or commitment is made.  Think about your retention oriented issues and contact us to determine if we are the right partner to make a positive impact for you.